Stop feeling guilty about practicing self-care.

Commonly seen in parents, a big barrier towards spending time and money on exercise and self wellbeing is "feeling guilty" or even 'Selfish' - thinking that time (and maybe money) could "rather be spent with the family and kids instead. "How can I come home from work and then spend an hour exercising instead of spending quality time with the kids or the partner?"

This belief, that taking care of yourself leaves less time and energy for others is wrong!

In fact practicing self-care helps us help others more effectively.

When your loved ones hug you, it's not just love and joy that is shared in that little moment, you are also giving them a part of your strength and energy. Think about a happy moment when you are giving high-fives around - your energy is being shared, vibes are being shared!

What sort of energy and vibes do you want to share with people who you care for the most?

Looking after your own health, your own body is a powerful way to demonstrate care for your loved ones. You then lead by example and cultivate a relationship which says "I love you so much hence I prioritize my health and wellbeing to make sure that not only I am always there for you, but I am there for you in my best version!"

Something I read some time back made so much sense "We’re part of the fabric of life and we, ourselves, are our little patch to take care of".

We (especially in the Indian society) are taught through various ways right from childhood that those who 'sacrifice' are true heroes, else you are 'selfish' - this teaching is valuable but needs to be contextual and not just blindly interpreted for individual convenience.

How can you provide the best love and care to people that mean the the world to you if you cannot even connect to the best version of your own self?

You can empower others only if you can empower yourself. You can only share positivity, strength, energy and good vibes, if you have them first!

And how can you be your best version if you keep 'sacrificing' time and effort that needs to be invested in your own well being?

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