Busy parents wanting to get fitter, if you have used one or more of these lines before, then this challenge is exactly for you!

“I used to exercise years ago, but now with work .. just no time”

“Am too tired managing kids and family commitments each day”

“I've no energy left for myself .. I can’t keep up with the kids”

“I feel guilty spending time exercising ..need more time with family”

“Am going to start making better food choices at some point soon"

“I’ve tried joining gyms in the past, I am just too inconsistent”

“I am definitely going to start exercising after this festive season”


The reality is, there is never going to be a perfect time to start looking after your own health and fitness.

Often we don’t wake up till we get a wake-up call ...


This challenge is all about rising above excuses and just getting started, all from the convenience of your home!


No matter what your level of fitness is today, No matter how you’re feeling right now, No matter how much stuff is on your plate.

These 21 days will show you that the kind of change you want is possible.

This is a free challenge – No cost. No contracts.

The only expectation is you need to be keen to make a change and give your best effort, because this is your journey towards a healthier you.

Spots are very limited and don't last, so get in touch now!

What to expect over these 21 days -

- 1:1 consultation - Goal setting and identifying your constraints

- Nutrition guidance aligned with your goals

- Strategies to manage emotional eating and cravings

- Fundamentals of exercise movements using body weight

- Access to home workouts to do at your own convenience

- Building Core strength – the most needed aspect of strength

- Access to my closed Facebook group with valuable content

- On-boarding with an amazing team of likeminded individuals

- 9 on-line live and fully guided exercise sessions