• Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professional

  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness

  • Level-1 Boxing for Fitness certified

  • Advanced Boxing for Fitness certified

  • Injury Rehab certification - Rehab Trainer

  • Take Charge - Mental Health Program certification


I help busy parents, to move better, get leaner, stronger and eat healthier, under real-life conditions by providing practical exercise and nutrition habit coaching, so that they can enjoy a long-lasting active and quality lifestyle while being incredible role models for their kids.​

For 20+years in a successful Corporate career, while raising two kids, self-care always somehow ended up at the bottom of the list. It almost felt guilty to spend time and money on my own health and wellbeing! I negotiated myself out of it every time, convinced that I had no time and need to do anything different, and that I was fit and active with whatever little physical activity I was doing, like playing a weekend sport or going for a walk.


The picture here is from 2016 when I thought I was my best version!


But in my mind, there was always something missing, though I could not quite recognize what it was.

I almost thrived on a stressful, busy life where I was spending 10 hours at a desk and only living for the weekend. Most of it spent thinking about getting back into the grind on the Monday morning. I was on this fast spinning merry-go-round. Week after week, month after month and year after year gone. Life was slipping away.

Then one day thanks to some amazing mentors, the penny dropped – Is this the best life I was going to have? Is this the best I was ever going to be? Physically? Mentally? The honest answer was NO!

I was stuck in a comfort zone that was keeping me away from a lot of things I could achieve. And then it all started to make sense. I found what was missing.. I was taking health for granted, I had to jump off the merry-go-round. So, I started breaking the comfort zone, slowly and surely. The picture here is during the first COVID lockdown in March-April 2020 when I ramped up training at home with the gyms closed!


Over the years I followed the compass of my values and turned my passion of helping people, into my profession - to help ignite their path towards achieving a healthy mind and body!

I train people with an approach to health that does not associate fitness with physique alone and how one looks, because being fit reflects much more than that. It reflects your dedication, discipline, patience, work-ethic, passion and even self-respect and dignity. It displays much more than toned muscles and personal bests! It reflects the environment you have created around yourself. It reflects the habits you have developed, the choices you have made in life.

Hence, Fitness Ignited, where I coach people in skills to develop sustainable long lasting exercise, nutrition and lifestyle habits. Where they learn that Self-care is not selfish. Where they learn Self-care is not optional and that the best gift they can give to their family is a healthy self.