• Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professional

  • Certificate III in Fitness

  • Certificate IV in Fitness

  • Level-1 Boxing for Fitness certified

  • Advanced Boxing for Fitness certified

  • Injury Rehab certification - Rehab Trainer

  • Take Charge - Mental Health Program certification



Strength in Body & Mind

Over the years of training, I discovered my passion of helping people become the best version of themselves and to help ignite their path towards achieving a healthy mind and body!


I train people with an approach to fitness that does not associate fitness with physique alone and how one looks, because being fit reflects much more than that. It reflects your dedication, discipline, patience, work-ethic, passion and even self-respect and dignity. It displays much more than toned muscles and personal bests!

Like many, I struggled to find time to prioritize my health for years while in frantic pursuit of a successful career in IT. 15 years on the Gold Coast, life was ‘busy’ and time slipping away.


For a long time, I had excuses - that I had no time and no need to do anything different and that I was fit and active with whatever little physical activity I was doing, like playing a weekend sport or going for a walk. But in my mind, there was always something missing, though I could not quite recognize what it was.


Then one day thanks to some incredible mentors, the penny dropped – Was I doing everything possible in my control to become the best version of myself? Answer was NO! I had found a comfort zone that was keeping me away from a lot of things I could achieve. And then it all started to make sense. I found what was missing. I started breaking the comfort zone, slowly and surely.

With years of Martial Art training I am a firm believer of the mind & body connection.

I love sharing my learning and helping people on their fitness journey - YOUR journey that takes you away from YOUR comfort zone to achieve amazing things!